Global Gold Price Survey 2013

Welcome to PwC's Global Gold Price Survey. Annually, PwC reaches out to gold mining companies around the world to get their views on where the price of gold is heading over the coming year, and how they're adjusting their business strategy accordingly. The information gleaned from the survey provides insight into such things as how companies will be spending their cash, their capital investment program, financing plans and dividend strategy. It also acts as a great tool for gold mining companies during their mine planning.

The survey takes approximately 8 minutes to complete. If you are a producing gold mining company, your input would be greatly appreciated. If you are in the development or exploration phase certain questions will not be applicable, but your responses will provide insight to the industry as a whole.  All participants will be sent a copy of the final report and entered into a draw to win 2 registrations to PwC's School of Mines, held in Mexico in May 2013. For contest rules, click here.

To see a copy of last year's Global Gold Price Report, click here.

Please note that all data will be presented in aggregate. No individual participant's responses will be disclosed.

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